About Us

PT. IRA PROPERTY LOMBOK was founded in early 2000. The management and the whole team is a originally from Lombok.
Our company has some legal permits that have been legalized by the government, such as:
 1. SIUP (Business License)
     No : 23-07/2011-02/0245
 2. HO (Business Permit)
      No : 045.2/0083.P/HO/BPMP2T/II/2015
 3.  TDP (Company license)
      No :
PT. IRA PROPERTY Lombok is conveniently located at the center of Mataram. We provide a variety of services around Lombok island and beyond. We are a customer oriented, professional team working on Lombok property business since 2000. We provide assistance in property business for private ownership, including clients from overseas, and land plots for the governments.
 Our main service involve Service is Real Estate Property Broker and we also provide other services as follows:
  • Establishment of PMA Companies (Foreign Investment Companies )
  • Providing assistance in PMA establishment (Free cost for purchases above USD 450,000)
  • Land Investigations
  • Establishment of Building permits
  • Safety guarantee for purchaser
  • Providing Professional Consultancy and guidance
  • Providing Qualified Architects and Consultants
  • Providing Contractor for Building construction
 We concern in giving you our best quality services with the following conditions:
  • Safe Legal contracts
  • Reasonable price possibilities
  • Confident and reliable
  • 3%  commission only from seller
  • Giving you Best Legal and governmental contracts
  • High Dedication and a personal touch
For legal document processing, we use the services of a well-known Notary in Mataram, FIKRY SAID, SH  and lawyer UMAIYAH, SH. who have experiences in property business.
Our office is open from Monday to Friday at 08:30 to 17:00 WITA, and on Saturday from 08:30 to 14:00 WITA.
Located on Jl. Bung Karno, No. 888 (opposite of Hotel Lombok Garden), Mataram, Lombok.
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