FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can foreigners buy a property in Indonesia?

Today, it is possible for foreigners to own properties in Indonesia legally by following either of the two systems: PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing or Company Investment) or nominee. Despite  being a new system in owning a property, nowadays PMA is more preferable than the latter as the former is deemed to be a lot safer.


What does PMA mean in terms of foreign ownership of property in Lombok?  PMA in terms of foreign ownership and property in Indonesia, is a way of acquiring land in a legal manner under the umbrella of a company. A PMA company is an Indonesian company permitted by law to have foreign shareholders. Such a company is permitted to purchase HGB (Hak Guna Bangunan) certified land only. This Title is for 30 years and is renewable for a further 30 years.


How do I set up PMA?

The purchaser wishing to buy properties in Indonesia shall follow steps as follows:

  • Submitting a business plan.
  • Acknowledging that the business will create job vacancies and bring in foreign skills and benefit the environment.
  • Depositing an appropriate amount of cash in an Indonesian bank.
  • Declaring the property in question as a company asset.


Why do I need help from real estate to sell or buy a property?

Your Ira Property’s principle is to provide clients with the best service regarding property investments both in form of advice and informations of the most wanted and in trend property business in Lombok Island and beyond. In this case, we are also able to help clients to investigate the validity of land that clients demand.

That’s said most accurate and required information can be acquired.


What is the role of a property agent?

Ira Property, Ltd. is obliged to give clients who wish to purchase  properties with certain specs the best assistance. Meanwhile, we also aid sellers in finding buyer for their properties.

We are also able to provide notary, lawyer and architect.


What makes Ira Property, Ltd. different from other property agents?

Ira Property, Ltd. has been working on Lombok property business for about 15 years and counting; thus, we have covered all areas Lombok very well. However, it is not impossible if you desire to seek property in  other regions in Indonesia: Bali, Sumbawa, Jakarta, etc. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for property assistance from us!

For your information, we don’t draw any administration fee in advance.

Furthermore, our system is not exclusive, meaning seller is able to propose their properties to other parties, including other real estates. And sellers are only obliged to pay the fee if only if the purchasers are ones we have introduced.


What percentage the fee that should be paid by the seller to Ira Property, Ltd.?

On the seller’s side, the commission that should be paid is at 3% of the selling price.

Meanwhile, for leased properties the owner of the property ought to pay the fee of 5% of the rental fee.


What are the sellers’ rights and obligation to the Ira Property, Ltd.?

Owners are incumbent to submit the details of the properties in question; these data include pictures, certificate, specifications and other necessary informations. Moreover, sellers are demanded to give latest status regarding their properties listed in Ira Property, Ltd. Whereas, their rights are to be provided with great services.