Growth Chart

The Development of land Prices In Lombok





Hilly Plot in Batu Layar Code: 149Land Size 1,800 m2 Ocean and Sunset Views Price IDR 1.1 Billion (USD 78,200)

Land in Senggigi Code 150 : Land size 2.000m2 (20 Are) Main Road Access Suitable for Villa Price IDR 4 Billion USD 279.771


High Potential Land in Montong Code: 148 Land Size 2,450 m2 Price IDR 7.35 Billion (USD 523,399)

Plot Near the Beach in Mangsit Code: 147 Land size: 5,000 m2 Price IDR 2.25 Billion (USD 160,299)

Land in Central Senggig iCode : 144 Land size 9.500m2
Building 30% finish Price IDR 9 Billion

Beachfront Land in Cemara Beach Code: 145 Surface 2800 m2 Prices : IDR 1.1 Billion USD 80 thousand
Beachfront Land in Cemara Beach Code: 145 Prices : IDR 1.1 Billion / USD 80 thousand

Beach Front Tanjung Code : 118_b Land size 50.000 m2 View Gili Trawangan and Sunset View Bech lenght 300m Certificate Direct Access Price IDR 10 Billion / 740,740 USD

Malimbu Overlooking Ocean
Code: 140 ,Land Size 1 Ha , Three gilis, view Ocean, sunset view Price IDR 10 Billion (USD 740,793)

Central Senggigi Code : 116 Land size 15.000m2 30m from beach Suitable for Hotel, Villa Main road access Price IDR 28,5 Billion / 2,111,111 USD

Beach Front Montong Code : 117 Size : – Price: –


Batulayar-Senggigi Code : 114 Land size 13.000 m2 Price IDR 13 Billion / 962,962 USD

Beach front Montong Code : 115 Land size 10.000m2 Price IDR 30 Billion / 2,222,222 USD

Beach Front Near Mataram City Code : 124
Beach Front Near Mataram City Code : 124 Land size 6000m2 Price IDR 2 Bilion / 148,148 USD

Beach Front Near Senggigi Pandanan Code : 142 Size : 10.000 m2 Price : 25 Billion / 1,851,851 USD

Beach Front Near Oberoi Code :110
Beach Front Near Oberoi Code :110 Land size 25.000m2 Beach frontage 250m Price IDR 50 Billion / 3,703,703 USD

Beach Front Near Mataram Code : 141
Beach Front Near Mataram Code : 141 Size : 5000 M2 Price : IDR 1 Billion / 74,074USD

Senggigi Kerandangan Code :111 Land size 20.000m2 Road Access Suitable for Hotel and Villa Sea and Sunset view Certificate Price IDR 10 Billion / 740,740 USD

LSENG-Code: 112
Plot Near Senggigi Montong Code : 112 Land size 2.600m2 Suitable for Villa & Hotel 50m from main road private access Certificate Price IDR 2.2 Billion / 163,703 USD

Near Holydayin Code : 108 Land size 20.000m2 Near Kunci Villa Hollyday Resort Road Access Sunset View Certificate Price IDR 6 Billion / 444,444 USD

Pemenang Code :109 Land size 13.900 m2 Road Access 5km from Oberoi Hotel View Mount Rinjani Close to International golf course Certificate Price: 2.2 Billion /165.000USD

Teluk Nare Code : 100 Land size 6.900m2 Beach Lenght 60m Access to gili certificate Price : 8,6 Billion / 637,037 USD

Batulayar Code : 105 Land size 1.5hectare or 15.000m2 Price IDR 26 Billion / 1,944,444 USD

Code : 91
Central Senggigi Code : 91 ,Land size 20.000 m2 Total Price : IDR 10 Billion / 740,740 USD

Seng Code :95
Land for sale in Medane Code : 95 Land size 2 H , Price IDR 14Billion / 1000,000 USD

Land for sale Stangi Code : 89 Land size 12.500 m2 Stangi main road acces Ready for electricity and water Price : IDR 4.3 Billion / 323,308 USD

Plot Near Senggigi Code : 90 Land for sale on hill near Sheraton Hotel Land size 1.000 m2 and 1.500 m2 Price IDR 1.5 Billon / 111,111 USD

Plot Near Beach Senggigi Code : 48 size : 1000 m2 Price : 1.5 Billion / 111,111 USD

Plot Near Senggigi Code :129 size : 1000 m 2 price : IDR 650 Million / 48,148 USD

Plot Near Senggigi Malimbu Code : 122 Size : 2600 M2 Price : IDR 900 Million / 67,407 USD

Land Plot Senggigi Krangdangan Code:127 Size : 3000 M2 Price : IDR 2.5 Billion / 185,185 USD

Land Plot Senggigi Near the beach Code :96 Size : 1250 m2 Prices : IDR 1.3 Billion / 96,296 USD

Land Plot Near Senggigi Code:104 Size : 986 m2 Price : IDR 788 Million / 598,248 USD

Code : 68 Land size 85000m2 Price : IDR 59.500.000.000,-

The Hill teluk nara Code : 69
Hill Teluk Nara Code: 69 size : 2 Ha / Price : 30 Millon Or 2,238 USD / 100 m2

LSENG - Code : 88
Beach Front Near Senggigi Code : 88 Land size 1 Ha Price IDR : 7,5 Billion / 555,555 USD

Code : 99
Land in Nipah Code : 99 Size: 12 H Price: IDR 90 milion / 6,766 USD / 100m2

Code : 21
Land in Tanjung Code : 21 Land size 1,2hectare Price: IDR 3.6 Billon / USD 270,676

Land for sale in Batu Layar near Senggigi Code : 74
Land in Batu Layar near Senggigi Code : 74 Land size: 2.8hectare Price offer : –

Land for sale in Tanjung Gondang Near Oberoi Hotel Code : 72 Land size8,4 H Price IDR 10,5 Billon / 777,777 USD

New Entry Data House For Sale Ira-property lombok
New Entry Data House For Sale Ira-property lombok

Code : 103
Hill Gunung Sari Code : 103 Land Size 1.5 Hectare or 15.000m2 / Price IDR 3 Billion

Hill Batu Layar Code : 102 Land Size 1.6Hectare or 16.000m2 Price IDR 2.5 Billion

Hill Plots in Gunung Sari Code : 137 Land size : look at the siteplan Price IDR 30 Million / 2,238 USD / 100 M2

Hill Melase-Batulayar Code : 135 Land size 6.100m2/ Price IDR 60 Million/100m2

Land for Sale in Senggigi Code : 134 Land size 350m2 / Price IDR 350 Million

Hill Land Plot for Sale in Stangi Code: 133 / Price IDR 65 Million/ 4,850 USD / 100m2

Land for Sale in Senggigi Code: 132 Land Size 2.1 Ha (21,190 m2) /Price IDR 300 Million / 22,556 USD / 100 m2

Beach Front Senggigi Code: 131 / Size 7 Ha or 2 Ha (70,233 m2)/ Price IDR 325 Million / 100 m2 / 24,253 USD

Land for Sale in Senggigi Code: 130 Land Size 6.5 Ha (65,437 m2) / Price IDR 250 Million / 100 m2

Senggigi Beach Front
Code : 47
Land size 2400m2
Price : IDR 6 Billion / 447,761 USD

Desc Code :20
Teluk Kombal Code : 20 / Land size 56,000m2 Price : IDR 30 Million / 100 m2 2,238 USD / 100 m2

Land for Sale Senggigi area Code: 25 Location : Senggigi – Kerandangan Land Size : 10000 m2 Price : IDR 200 Millon /100 m2 14,925 USD / 100 m2

Code : 27
Senggigi Code : 27 / size 160.000 m2 Price : 150 Milion / 100m2 Total price : IDR 24 Billion / 1,791,044 USD

Montong Code : 29 / size 2.200m2 Price : IDR 300 Millon / 22,388 USD / 100 m2

Code : 31
Land for sale Senggigi Code: 31 Total price : IDR 2 Billion

Batulayar Code : 33
Hill Batulayar Code: 33 / Size : 12.500 m2 / Price : IDR 5 Billion / 373,134 USD

Central Senggigi Code : 119 / size 38.000m2 Price IDR 75 Millon / 5,597 USD / 100m2

Bangsal Beach Front CODE : 39 / Size : 4.400 m2 Price : IDR 3.7 Billion / 276,119 USD

Code : 42
The Hill Batu Layar Code : 42 / Size : 2.300m / Price : IDR 200 Million / 14,925 USD / 100 M2

Teluk Kodeq Code 45 / size 17.000m2 Certificate. Price IDR 5 Billion / 373,134 USD

Nipah Code : 52 Size : 3.300 m2 Price : IDR 2.6 Billion / 194,029 USD

Beach Front Tanjung Code : 54 Size : 42000 m2 Total Price : IDR 8 Billion / 597,014 USD

Beach Fron Medana CODE : 56 Land Size : 20.000 m2 Price : IDR 200 Million / 100m2 14,925 USD / 100m2

Code : 57
Near Senggigi CODE : 57 Land Size : 1450 m2 Price : IDR 900 Million / 67,164 USD

Code : 63
Near Senggigi Code : 63 Land size 2 Ha Price IDR 17 Billion / 1,268,656 USD

LSENG-Code: 94
Beach Front Nipah near Senggigi Code : 94 Land size 5 hectare Price IDR 75 Billion / 5,597,014 USD

Beach Front Mataram City Code :139 Size : 3000 M2 Price : 2.5 Billion / 188,000 USD

Beach Front Near Mataram Code : 106 Size : 5000 M2 Price : 1,5 Billion /111,111 USD



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can foreigners buy a property in Indonesia?

Today, it is possible for foreigners to own properties in Indonesia legally by following either of the two systems: PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing or Company Investment) or nominee. Despite  being a new system in owning a property, nowadays PMA is more preferable than the latter as the former is deemed to be a lot safer.


What does PMA mean in terms of foreign ownership of property in Lombok?  PMA in terms of foreign ownership and property in Indonesia, is a way of acquiring land in a legal manner under the umbrella of a company. A PMA company is an Indonesian company permitted by law to have foreign shareholders. Such a company is permitted to purchase HGB (Hak Guna Bangunan) certified land only. This Title is for 30 years and is renewable for a further 30 years.


How do I set up PMA?

The purchaser wishing to buy properties in Indonesia shall follow steps as follows:

  • Submitting a business plan.
  • Acknowledging that the business will create job vacancies and bring in foreign skills and benefit the environment.
  • Depositing an appropriate amount of cash in an Indonesian bank.
  • Declaring the property in question as a company asset.


Why do I need help from real estate to sell or buy a property?

Your Ira Property’s principle is to provide clients with the best service regarding property investments both in form of advice and informations of the most wanted and in trend property business in Lombok Island and beyond. In this case, we are also able to help clients to investigate the validity of land that clients demand.

That’s said most accurate and required information can be acquired.


What is the role of a property agent?

Ira Property, Ltd. is obliged to give clients who wish to purchase  properties with certain specs the best assistance. Meanwhile, we also aid sellers in finding buyer for their properties.

We are also able to provide notary, lawyer and architect.


What makes Ira Property, Ltd. different from other property agents?

Ira Property, Ltd. has been working on Lombok property business for about 15 years and counting; thus, we have covered all areas Lombok very well. However, it is not impossible if you desire to seek property in  other regions in Indonesia: Bali, Sumbawa, Jakarta, etc. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for property assistance from us!

For your information, we don’t draw any administration fee in advance.

Furthermore, our system is not exclusive, meaning seller is able to propose their properties to other parties, including other real estates. And sellers are only obliged to pay the fee if only if the purchasers are ones we have introduced.


What percentage the fee that should be paid by the seller to Ira Property, Ltd.?

On the seller’s side, the commission that should be paid is at 3% of the selling price.

Meanwhile, for leased properties the owner of the property ought to pay the fee of 5% of the rental fee.


What are the sellers’ rights and obligation to the Ira Property, Ltd.?

Owners are incumbent to submit the details of the properties in question; these data include pictures, certificate, specifications and other necessary informations. Moreover, sellers are demanded to give latest status regarding their properties listed in Ira Property, Ltd. Whereas, their rights are to be provided with great services.


About Us

PT. IRA PROPERTY LOMBOK was founded in early 2000. The management and the whole team is a originally from Lombok.
Our company has some legal permits that have been legalized by the government, such as:
 1. SIUP (Business License)
     No : 23-07/2011-02/0245
 2. HO (Business Permit)
      No : 045.2/0083.P/HO/BPMP2T/II/2015
 3.  TDP (Company license)
      No :
PT. IRA PROPERTY Lombok is conveniently located at the center of Mataram. We provide a variety of services around Lombok island and beyond. We are a customer oriented, professional team working on Lombok property business since 2000. We provide assistance in property business for private ownership, including clients from overseas, and land plots for the governments.
 Our main service involve Service is Real Estate Property Broker and we also provide other services as follows:
  • Establishment of PMA Companies (Foreign Investment Companies )
  • Providing assistance in PMA establishment (Free cost for purchases above USD 450,000)
  • Land Investigations
  • Establishment of Building permits
  • Safety guarantee for purchaser
  • Providing Professional Consultancy and guidance
  • Providing Qualified Architects and Consultants
  • Providing Contractor for Building construction
 We concern in giving you our best quality services with the following conditions:
  • Safe Legal contracts
  • Reasonable price possibilities
  • Confident and reliable
  • 3%  commission only from seller
  • Giving you Best Legal and governmental contracts
  • High Dedication and a personal touch
 For legal document processing, we use the services of a well-known Notary in Mataram, FIKRY SAID, SH  and lawyer UMAIYAH, SH. who have experiences in property business.
Our office is open from Monday to Friday at 08:30 to 17:00 WITA, and on Saturday from 08:30 to 14:00 WITA.
Located on Jl. Bung Karno, No. 888 (opposite of Hotel Lombok Garden), Mataram, Lombok.
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Contact Us

You Can Contact Us By Service


Phone   : (0370 – 648863)

Mobile : +6287765435258 / +6281917289008

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Welcome to PT. IRA Property

In all Lombok major area such as: Senggigi, Mataram, North lombok, Gili islands, Sekotong, Kuta Lombok, Central Lombok, East Lombok and other area, Bali, Sumbawa, Flores and Sumba. We have full service, dedicated, friendly staffs who are inclined with giving superb customer service.



Lombok is starting to become one of the most enthused islands not only for domestic tourists but also foreign ones.  Although, it is inevitably compared with its better-known neighbour, the island differs in many respects – physically, culturally, linguistically and historically.

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Idillyc Three Gilis

With so many beaches and small islands, Lombok offers a myriad of diving and snorkeling opportunities. The best known locations are around the Gili islands Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan—which have been popular for many years with backpackers seeking a simple lifestyle of sea, sun and sand, although, as with much of the island, they are now becoming more widely discovered and as a result more worthy investation location.


Exotic Senggigi

Senggigi is the main tourist strip of the Indonesian island of Lombok, stretched out along the several kilometers of the beachfront, just to the north of the capital Mataram. The main road in Senggigi is lined with small attractive hotels catering to all budgets, shops, tour agencies, restaurants, bars and nightclubs; many of which have live music in the evening.


Kuta Lombok

Further south again, beyond a range of low inland hills, are the sweeping bays and pure white sands of the southern beaches, all of which can be explored from Kuta (not to be confused with Bali’s Kuta), the main resort town of southern Lombok and surfing Mecca of the island. The scenery is spectacular, with cliffs and mountains reaching the coast to create jagged and awe- inspiring landscapes and views. The beaches are some of the best in Indonesia, with pristine white sand, and transparent blue-greens in the water.



Villa Amari

Lombok Central Property


New Project Malaka Villas


Government license and Permint

Land Government

Tourism Department

Province Government

Contractor  : 

Notary          : Fikri Said ,SH

Lawyer         : Umaya ,SH

Consultant :

Architect     : Skye Company

Surveyor      :  Teguh

Bank              : OCBC NISP



The Malaka Villas